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Twenty four years in Fare Collection on the supplier's side, followed by four years in forklift truck rental business as Managing Director, I am today a freelance consultant specialised in E-ticketing systems since 10 years. An important first project on Customer side with the city of Adelaide in Australia then a second project on the Supplier's side in Kuala Lumpur.

My career starts at CROUZET SA, Division Terminals & Systems research and development department, section electronic design. Quite rapidly I demonstrate other talents than purely technical skills and take successively various positions: Technical assistance Engineer, Sales support for Europe, Project manager for Australian projects, Subsidiary Manager, Export Sales Manager and Customer Services Manager.

After 24 rewarding years, I leave the company (ASCOM Monétel) for a new challenge in a different field of industry: forklift trucks.

I get on board NACCO (US group) as Director of Operations in charge of standardization of maintenance processes across five companies recently acquired by the group. A year later, I take the management of the largest of these five companies (90 workers): company restructuring, back to financial balance and becoming official Hyster dealer for the south of France. This adventure ends following a new group strategy.

I take this opportunity to make a break by creating a "tea house" business with my wife and my daughter. It is for me a real opportunity to discover another world full of peace and poesy: an excellent therapy to regenerate.

But you never stay away too long from your passions and ticketing catches up with me through my Australian contacts in spring 2006. After a successfully mission in November 2006, I create my own company, DTB Consult, in spring 2007.

Today, the ADELAIDE project in SA is in full operation and other features have been added to the ticketing function: fleet management and passenger information system. A data mining option is currently being implemented for a full scale test as well as a link to a traffic light priority system. I am still working part time with Adelaide supporting new developments.

Since March 2015, I have taken up a new challenge in Kuala Lumpur where I am the Resident Project Manager for the implementation of a fare collection system supplied by Xerox on the new SBK line. My role covers all facets of the trade from purely technical to commercial and marketing not to forget heavy contractual and administrative aspects inherent to large construction.

After a mission in Philadelphia in 2018, I am now engaged on a big project in Paris concerning the transformation of the ticketing system at regional scale. My role is to manage the transformation plan which requests interfacing with the various transport companies of Ile de France.

Last update 9th March 2019


The first part of my career is all dedicated to technical engineering, then I move to commercial and marketing responsibilities and finally to company management. An experience which has made me keep my feet on the ground under all circumstances favouring horse sense solutions rather than uncertain and complex ways of tackling problems.


I am just a few months out of the army when I register myself into a small interim job company in Lyon which specializes in technical jobs. My first assignment comes rather quickly, it is a six months job as an industrial designer for the aeronautic division of CROUZET SA in Valence (France). A second contract follows shortly after for the same company, this time for the quality control department. My task is to check the welding quality of electronic circuits used in the central computer of the Concorde plane. The third contract is with another division of CROUZET, the Division Terminals and Systems (DTS), to make the final integration of automatic vending machines for the metro of Lyon in France: I believe that this is the beginning of my ticketing adventure.


I am now employed by CROUZET SA DTS in the research and development team. My first task is to complete the development of two vending machines prototypes for the french railways (SNCF). One of them is for the TGV to allow passengers to book their trip at the last minute before boarding the trains. The second one concerns the issuing of magnetic tickets for all Paris suburban destinations. After this, I become a member of the development team of the first autonomous magnetic reader for RATP in Paris. My task consists in designing electronics (backup memory and CPU electronic boards), testing all other electronics and follow-up tests on site. This project was very successful and led to a big order;a number of these machines are still in service today.


This is where I start my experience abroad as Site Engineer in charge of the implementation of the ticketing system of new Newcastle upon Tyne(UK) metro system. I supervise installations, train maintenance engineers and undertake the fault analysis and technical reporting. My English improves a lot and my action on site demonstrates to my hierarchy that linking on site activity and R&D is a real element of success. The Technical Assistance department is born.


The Technical Assistance department is placed under the responsibility of a senior Engineer and is made of two technical fields: telecommunications and ticketing. I take the management of the ticketing side which grows rapidly to 8 engineers in the first year. We take care of installations design, training of local engineers and operators and technical follow-up during the warranty period. The target is that any problem shall be solved at the end of the warranty period within budget. This has been a tremendous time during which I have benefited from very large autonomy and freedom of decision to introduce very innovative ways of managing teams.


I cannot say that I am fed-up with technical stuff but an opportunity to move to commercial activity opens to me. I take the position of Sales Support for Europe: I am in charge of developing ticketing sales through the channel of CROUZET subsidiaries. The job is a real challenge as all subsidiaries are mostly oriented to marketing CROUZET components (motors and micro switches) but not complicated tailored systems. It is very motivating and it gives me the opportunity to be in relation with the various subsidiary managers from whom I have gained a lot of experience. When things are starting to happen in the various countries, the Project Manager of the Australian projects quits the company.


I am very familiar with the Australian projects as I have actively participated to the bidding process when I was head of technical assistance. I am offered the position of Project Manager to finish these projects which are showing number of problems. Adelaide is due to open in three months and Hobart in six months, there is no way to delay and we just have a few months to fix everything. My team management experience plays a decisive role to motivate the design team and to get the ball rolling the right direction. This is definitely a corner stone in my career and the start of a new adventure. The challenge of opening the Adelaide system on time is won: the system goes live successfully end of September.


It is important to achieve a high quality technical support for installed systems: I become permanent in Australia in January with my family. I join the subsidiary which has been created to manage the contract local content (30%) and is manage by the Commercial Representative who won both Australian contracts. My priority is to stabilize the systems by clearing remaining problems: it is the first time that magnetic tickets are processed on board at such a large scale. All pieces of equipment are of a brand new design and one can imagine that the technical stabilization takes here its full meaning. Three of my best engineers from the technical assistance department are here to help me in my task. Everything is kept under control and I become General Manager of the subsidiary early 1989 as my predecessor retires. My mission is to reduce subsidiary expenses by 50%: this is achieved within six months. The technical problems are now behind us and the main activity of the subsidiary is now commercial, prospecting the various transport networks in Australia. This Australian experience ends with the closure of the subsidiary following the purchase of CROUZET DTS by the Suisse group ASCOM.

1991 Back to France, I take responsibility for a large export sales territory: Arabic countries, Eastern countries, Australia, New Zealand and Europe except UK, Spain and Portugal. The heart of my mission is to answer international tenders with support of R&D team. For each project, I am in charge of all actions to be undertaken: partnership agreements, choice of local representatives, relations with French diplomatic's, building the answer to the tender, press conferences and synchronization of various departments concerned. It is a very demanding position which requires mobility and availability. My stay in Australia has given me an excellent practice of English language which is an absolute must to conduct fruitful negotiations. My most noticeable achievement is the signature of a 22M€ contract with the public transport of the city of Warsaw for the supply of the biggest (at time of signature) Fare Collection system based on hard magnetic's and contactless smart cards. It is also the biggest contract signed by the department since its origin! But my pride is of short lasting, three weeks later, one of my colleagues wins the Lyon's project for 33M€: what an exiting period of time...
1997 I miss staff management and I am ready for new challenges. My expectations are soon fulfilled and I take responsibility for Customer Services department. My main target is to improve the overall performance of the team and be ready for the new challenges coming: the turnover of our division has been multiplied by 2.5! Since I was head of the technical assistance, things have changed and I have to re-invent the spirit to convince everyone that we can do more and better with an increasing enthusiasm. In less than a year, the spirit is back, the results are good and the tasks we have to do give us number of opportunities to put ourselves forward. We have a very large space to manoeuvre and the freedom to get organized as we see fit, only results are important. I took a lot of pleasure doing this and I believe the team to.

Making your own career moving forward may also mean to be ready to put yourself in danger. After 24 years of good and loyal services in the ticketing industry, I accept an offer to become the Technical Director of NACCO France, the French subsidiary of an American group manufacturing forklift trucks. This subsidiary has just been created to manage 5 distributors just purchased and a few more to come. The ambition is to build a real distribution strength in France where the market share is very small (2.5%) considering that NACCO is one of the top three world forklift truck manufacturers with Hyster and Yale brands. My mission is to organize, to standardize and to manage the maintenance teams which represents 75% of the staff. The real challenge is to go beyond habits from the past and make everyone working on common rules within an international group environment. While technical aspects are different from what I knew in ticketing, people attitudes are very similar and I have no difficulties adapting to this new world. Quite soon I understand that the group policy is changing and that it exists a cultural "shock" between manufacturing and distribution. The purchasing of more distributors is stopped, the national headquarters are slowly abandoned and I am asked to take the management of one of the the distributors.


I take the management of CARRIER MANUTENTION in Bourg de Péage (France) which is specialized in forklift truck rentals all brands and is not an official concession for Hyster or Yale. The main focus is to get back to break even level and start a complete restructuring of the unit. The financial target is successfully reached in one year and a half. The reorganisation of the unit takes longer: you can hardly change 30years old habits to modern organisation, computerised operations and American reporting overnight. Meanwhile, I take the challenge of becoming an Hyster concession on a territory of 14 departments in the South of France. The commercial team dynamism is decisive as we double our sales in 2003 putting two of our sales representatives respectively 1st and 2nd Hyster Salesman of the year.

2004 Based on the unprecedented 2003 commercial success the doors to Hyster official concession status in the beginning of 2004 have just openned. Unfortunetaly, the group has decided to disengage from distribution sector and has started to resale freshly aquired distributors worldwide: my adventure with NACCO terminates end 2004.

These past years have been very intense, I need to sit back and to recharge my batteries. But it is difficult for me to stay still a long time, my wife has a project of starting a traditional chinese tea house in Valence (France), it is a good opportunity for me which satisfies both needs: relaxation and occupation. After securing the finance of the project I undertake a number of tasks: manufacturing furniture, electricity, pluming, painting...CHA YUAN opens its doors a few months later and has now become a hot spot for tea lowers in the area.


How long can you stay away from your passions? I have always stayed in close contact with the ticketing world and the latter has caught me up. The idea of creating my own consulting company has always been in my mind since a very long time, I believe I just needed a trigger. A contact with my Australian customers has allowed me to make it happen with a first mission in November 2006 concerning the analysis of reliability of low coercitivity magnetic tickets in today's enthronement in ADELAIDE, South Australia.


DTB Consult is born.
A first contract with the Department of Transport, Energy and Infrastructure of the government of South Australia is finalised for the supply of consultant services for the sourcing of a new fare collection system.


ADELAIDE fare collection system has be tendered through four phases:
- an Expression Of Interest to select 4 to 5 suppliers
- a Request For Proposals only accessible to selected suppliers
- a negociation phase with the preferred supplier chosen following a very comprehensive selection protocol
- official annoncement of the successful tenderer


The successful Tenderer is ACS (US), a fortune 500 company. Its "ticketing" division, which has 40+ years of experience in fare collection systems, was the supplier of the current system trading under the name of CROUZET at the time (1987).

The first phase of the Contract, detailed specifications, has been done without noticeable technical difficulties. However, the quantity of information to be processed has made the planned 8 months necessary to fully complete it.

We are currently in the development phase and we are going to witness prototypes at the factory premises in December.


The Project has entered its site phase with a pilot scheme on 11 buses to make sure that the overall functinalities of the system are working according to plans. The Pilot has started the 24th October 2011 and no serious difficulties have been encountered, only the expected adjustments required to make everybody happy. A larger pilot scheme of 80 buses is implemented in November successfully.


All on board installations will be completed mid July. All 1000 buses are already in public service and over 10 millions validations have already been recorded using magnetic tickets. Contact less cards are tested with about 3500 users and the full system is due to be completed before the end of the year.


System has been put into service as planned on the 1st of November 2012. After 8 months we already have 80% of validations occurring with metrocard while we were expecting 75% after 12 months: a success without doubts. The ATLAS system continues its evolution with the addition of a passenger information module and a fleet management module. I remain involved part time with the project until June 2014.


The passenger information system and the fleet management module are now into full operation. A data mining module is being implemented for a full scale test that should start to be operationnal in November. There is also a development with a traffic light priority system underway that will definitely complement the overall package.

I am still involved with Adelaide for 300h/year but I am now looking for a new challenge.

2015 I have taken up a new challenge in Kuala Lumpur where I am the Resident Project Manager for the implementation of a fare collection system supplied by Xerox on the new SBK line. My role covers all facets of the trade from purely technical to commercial and marketing not to forget heavy contractual and administrative aspects inherent to large construction.

My contract for KL has now come to an end. The system is up and running since mid-July and just a couple of minor problems are left out to fix. There is still a lot of Fare Collection business to come in Malaysia and this experience should be used to win other contracts.

I am already engaged on an other project in Australia which, with a bit of luck, will become reality next spring.


Mission in Philadelphie in the frame of SEPTA Project mainly dedicated to fare structure and implementation on the rail network. The system is an account based fare collection system and the rail part was bringing in the distance based aspect.

2019 I am now engaged on Grand PARIS project which consists of introducing a new central information system allowing to support account based and distanced based fare collection accross the whole Ile de France. Very challenging job due to the various histotical transport entities used to do things on their own.

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